Thinking about India means imagining millennia of history, art and culture. A world perhaps apart, not unattainable, permeated with spirituality and ancestral charm, but also with strong and painful contradictions.The grace of spicy fragrances and colors of silk dresses accompany you in holes where tourism doesn’t arrive but India’s daily life does.

Among the natural wonders of which this land is capable are the peaks of the Himalayas and the endless beaches of Goa and the southern coast, the coral atolls and inlandwaters of Kerala, rivers, villages and tropical forests,the desert of Rajasthan.

India is a melting pot of races, cultures and languages ​​capable of shaping ever-changing scenarios. It is a very hospitable land, in spite of the modernization that in some places of the country is a real taboo, steeped in riches that come from other worlds that can be approached even just for taking a photo, in front of the numerous sacred monuments that they dot cities, villages and landscapes.

Symbol Parexcellence of India is the wonder of the world in white marble: the Taj Mahal, a hymn to love that translates intoshapes the absolute beauty of the unspeakable which, after all, sums up the complexity of a place like India .

Karma, an ethnic restaurant, designed to offer and express the culinary tradition of a vast continent like India, but with a modern, bright and refined concept and look. Indian Cuisine is as rich as the culture of the vast sub-continent and as diverse as the people who inhabit it.Reflecting numerous cultures in its enormous variety,Indian food ranges from simple vegetarian dishes to savory morsels of beef, chicken and fish made with dozens of ingredients.

Each region has its own specialties inspired by race, religion, history and geography and each restaurant and housekeeper adds their own special touch. The Karma project begins in September 2018 when two totally different cultures such as Italian and Indian come together in the sole intention of creating a restaurant that gives the possibility, in a city like Rovigo, to savor new tastes and flavors that in this modest area of the veneto had never appeared.