About Us

Karma, an ethnic restaurant, designed to offer and express the culinary tradition of a vast continent like India, but with a modern, bright and refined concept and look. Indian Cuisine is as rich as the culture of the vast sub-continent and as diverse as the people who inhabit it.Reflecting numerous cultures in its enormous variety,Indian food ranges from simple vegetarian dishes to savory morsels of beef, chicken and fish made with dozens of ingredients.

Each region has its own specialties inspired by race, religion, history and geography and each restaurant and housekeeper adds their own special touch. The Karma project begins in September 2018 when two totally different cultures such as Italian and Indian come together in the sole intention of creating a restaurant that gives the possibility, in a city like Rovigo, to savor new tastes and flavors that in this modest area of the veneto had never appeared. Read more

Karma Menu

Karma Specials

Fish Menu

Among the most requested preparations, Prawn Madras – prawn tails with coconut milk and curry sauce – and Fish Tikka – swordfish with yogurt, spices and Kewra Water stand out.

Meat Menu

Meat-based dishes are: Chicken Tikka, Achari Tikka, Haryali Tikka and Malay Tikka, chicken-based preparations marinated with a glaze based on yogurt and spices.

Set Menu

At lunch we will be happy to offer you creation that fully represents the emblem of Indian tradition. This is the Indian Thali.

Veg. Menu

Indian cuisine is very versatile for those who are vegetarian and vegan lovers. Try the Dal Punjabi, the Chana Masala, the Aloo Gobi, and the Matar Paneer.